Green Leaf, the freshness of the green leaf tea

The GREEN LEAF amenities line emphasizes natural ingredients, simple but functional, such as green tea.

Designed in-house, this line is made from the tea leaf, with clear citric notes, hencing its freshness and more floral heart notes, such as jasmine and rose.

A scented sweet floral aroma but refreshing at the same time, makes this fragrance quite desirable and appreciated.


Green Leaf hotel line

25 ml / 1.20 fl.oz

Hair and body gel

Body lotion

10 g / 0.50 fl.oz

Soap - transparent flowpack

375 ml / 18 fl.oz

Liquid soap

Hair and body gel

Neutral Articles

Suggested accessory line


  1. Shower Cap
  2. Shoe Sponge
  3. Vanity Set
  4. Sewing Kit
  5. Cotton Buds
  6. Make Up Removers
  7. Nail File
  8. Shaving Set
  9. Dental Set
  10. Paper Tissues
  11. Comb
  12. Transparent Shoe Horn
  13. Bath Flower
  14. Loofah
  15. Dental Floss
  16. Shower Cap (PP)